Westborough's Coronavirus Pandemic Response


Westborough's Coronavirus Pandemic Response




The coronavirus that causes the disease Covid-19 began to spread worldwide in late 2019. In response, Massachusetts shut down to stem the spread in March 2020. This collection gathers websites and social media, photographs (including Face Mask Selfies), face masks, reflections, and other items that document Westborough's response to the coronavirus pandemic.


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Westborough Public Library






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At The Boston  Harbor Island Cruise
It feels a little uncomfortable. My glasses fog. But for my and people around me Safety. It's a small inconvenience.

Kris Nilson Allen
My mask is blue with big flowers; it brightens my attitude compared to the white paper versions.

When I first put on a mask, I felt stifled and frustrated because no one could see whether I was smiling at them or not. We were all in the same…

Grandma's homemade masks
Grandma sewed these and mailed them to us as a graduation present! At first it was difficult to remember to bring the mask everywhere, but now it's as natural as remembering keys or a wallet

It's uncomfortable, but anything, to keep the spreading of COVID19

I’m a cat person
I was trying on a mask made for me to wear when I return to work at a public library. My director sent it to me. She knows I’m a cat person.

Celebrating our anniversary
I made them. Jeff wanted one that wasn’t “loud” and I chose a print that was.

Maureen Amyot
I spent a lot of my free time during the quarantine working on building a backyard chicken coop and run for my new flock. As a result, I've made many, many trips to Lowe's and other home improvement/hardware store for supplies. My 10-year-old…

Backyard Mask Selfie
We purchased our masks from a fabric store in Marlborough. The purchase served two purposes - provided us real masks rather than the bandanas we had been wearing, and the proceeds were donated to the Worcester County Food Bank. With time it's…

Face mask selfie
Covid 19 Pandemic

This is the first mask I made. Since I have made and distributed 43 masks to friends and family. I like using my hobby to make something useful and show loved ones I am thinking about their well being in this uncertain time. Getting sewing supplies…
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