Westborough's Coronavirus Pandemic Response


Westborough's Coronavirus Pandemic Response




The coronavirus that causes the disease Covid-19 began to spread worldwide in late 2019. In response, Massachusetts shut down to stem the spread in March 2020. This collection gathers websites and social media, photographs (including Face Mask Selfies), face masks, reflections, and other items that document Westborough's response to the coronavirus pandemic.


Westborough Public Library


Westborough Public Library






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Collection Items

Saish attending from home. Going good.

Anushka’s First day of fifth grade photo
This photo was taken at home. My daughter attending her first day class at home. She felt very happy about her first day.

Sawyer and Lillian
Our traditional first day of school photo, on our front steps, wearing our special t-shirts, but this time with pajamas underneath!

This picture was taken on the first day of school during a sophomore English class over Zoom. I was in my room attending this class while we all made introductions about ourselves so our teacher could get to know us.

Aurea Bhatia
Hopefully this is the first and last time that the kids have to be home on the first day of school

Aryan Bhatia
Hopefully this is the first and last time that kids had to be home on the first day of school

Dhyan's 1st day of Hybrid Learning
Dhyan is excited about his 1st day of 6th via hybrid learning.

1st day of Hybrid Learning
1st day of Dhruv's Freshman Year. First week for hybrid learning was all remote. We are all set and excited to be back to school.

Kaitlyn Hu
It was at home and with online classes which lasted for about 40 minutes each. Honestly this day went by very slowly and was quite repetitive with the introducing yourself repeatedly. This photo was taken in my room where I attended the online…

Santhosh’s First day of school photo
The photo was taken at home. My son attend virtual learning. He felt very happy on his first day.
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