By submitting my work, I certify that I am the owner or agent of the materials submitted, and I hereby donate my submission and unconditionally and irrevocably assign, transfer, and give any and all rights, title, and interest held by me, my assigns, and my heirs of the submission to the Westborough Public Library and to the Westborough Historical Society. I understand that these materials become the permanent property of the Westborough Public Library and the Westborough Historical Society and that they will be administered in accordance with established policies, which includes the discretion to dispose of any materials deemed inappropriate for their collections at any time. 

By submitting your work, you give both the Westborough Historical Society and the Westborough Center at the Westborough Public Library permission to store your work in their archives permanently, to make your work available to future researchers in perpetuity, and to use your work in any other way, including exhibits, displays, and publications (both physical and online). In giving us this permission, you will help us enhance the understanding of Westborough and its community to the best of our abilities.