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Unidentified house, with an unidentified man (cutting wood) and woman in the front yard. Reed Collection.

The Harrington House, Abner Warren Homestead on East. Main St. Kate and Mrs. Curtis Harrington. Reed Collection.

It's uncomfortable, but anything, to keep the spreading of COVID19

It feels a little uncomfortable. My glasses fog. But for my and people around me Safety. It's a small inconvenience.

Fitch Farm on Hopkinton Rd.

It was in my drawer and has probably not been seen for 20 years. Not even sure why I have it? But I can switch it up with a perky identical red one if the mood strikes!

Years ago I bought a bandanna at the Theodore Roosevelt House gift shop in New York City (I highly recommend it, and it’s free!) because I thought it was unusual and fun. It sat on a shelf since that time, because I couldn’t come up with a way to…

House of the "Head Farmer" at the Westborough State Hospital.

Stone wall with the Westborough State Hospital in the background.

Members of a band associated with the Westborough State Hospital sitting on a stage ready to perform.
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